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Stream Real Estate creates quality, contemporary developments in the most sought after markets, while pushing the envelope on sustainability.

About Us


Stream Real Estate started with the premise that we would push the envelope with sustainability and environmental responsibility, while maintaining financial viability.

Sustainable Apartment Living not only means every Stream Real Estate property is LEED® certified, it means they are designed for today’s lifestyle.

Stream Real Estate led the launch of Urban Housing Ventures (UHV) in 2020 as part of their commitment to providing workforce affordable rents to working-class families. For more information, visit www.urbanhousingventures.com



Stream is a founding partner with Forterra, a local leader in land conservation. Together we created the Evergreen Carbon Capture project that enlists individuals and organizations to help sustain our magnificent region by planting trees in parks and along streams. We inspire others by doing, and we’re proud to say that since the program’s inception, Stream has been the largest contributor to carbon offset. We’ve planted more than 2600 trees in Western Washington since 2012.

Carbon offset is just one part of the solution to continue our mission to promote sustainable living – we are also part of Seattle City Lights Green Up program. Our participation in the Green Up program helps generate a market for renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest.

All Stream properties are also LEED® certified and we continually strive to go beyond carbon neutral to make a positive and lasting impact.

About Trees Planted

Streamre Trees Planted

Our Projects

31 unit townhome community
Wenatchee, WA

Completed September 2021
127 Room Residence Inn
Wenatchee, WA

Completed February 2020
80 units and 3,243 sq ft of Commercial Space

Completed July 2017
47 Units

Completed 2015
34 Units and 3,105 SF of Retail

Completed 2014
70 Units

Completed 2019, Sold 2019

Completed 2013, Sold 2014
118 Units

Broadstone Koi- rendering

Entitled, then sold and developed by others
163 Units

The Team

Tim Cavanaugh

Managing Member

Mr. Cavanaugh has been involved in all aspects of land acquisition and development through project completion, having been directly responsible for over $150 million in projects.

In 2002 Mr. Cavanaugh started Star Equity Management LLC, a private equity investment company based in Seattle, Washington. Star Equity has invested over $100 million in businesses based primarily in the Northwest, with a focus on “blue-jean” and environmentally sustainable companies. Mr. Cavanaugh currently serves as its Managing Director. He has degrees from Gonzaga University and a Master’s Degree from the University of Washington.

Marc Angelillo

Managing Member

Mr. Angelillo, based in Seattle, Washington, has been in the real estate development business since 1992. He has worked on real estate and development projects across the United States and joined Stream Real Estate Development and Investment in 2009.

In 2006, prior to joining Stream Real Estate Development and Investment, Mr. Angelillo started Steelhead Real Estate Partners. Formerly, he was Vice President of Heartland, LLC, based in Seattle. Mr. Angelillo has experience entitling and developing a variety of product types and has been the managing, general or investment partner on real estate development projects including mixed-use apartment and residential subdivisions in Seattle, flex/tech and office space in the Silicon Valley and retail projects in the San Francisco Bay area and central California. Mr. Angelillo is a member of the Seattle Design Review Board for the Northwest area. Mr. Angelillo has degrees in Economics and History from University of California Los Angeles, and a Masters of Real Estate Development and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Mark Flippo

Managing Member

Mr. Flippo has been in the real estate industry since 1986 and was a Principal and Co-founder of Pacific Real Estate Partners, Inc. until the company’s acquisition by Jones Lang LaSalle in 2011. He specializes in the leasing and sales of commercial properties in the greater Eastside and Seattle real estate markets and has been involved in all aspects of ground-up commercial development of over 1,000,000 square feet, from land acquisition to project completion.

Mr. Flippo has been directly responsible for coordinating over $1.0 billion in sale transactions and has represented parties in lease transactions totaling more than 10,000,000 square feet. Mr. Flippo received his Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Western Washington University.

Ralph Pascualy


Mr. Pascualy has been part of Stream Real Estate since 2012. He has over 30 years’ experience investing in multiple real estate ventures and a variety of property types around the Puget Sound region.

Mr. Pascualy is a Managing Partner at Mithera Capital, a venture capital firm primarily focused on Advertising and Marketing Technology, IoT, Big Data, A.I., and Healthcare.

Tom Lindquist


Mr. Lindquist is involved in affordable housing efforts through Stream’s Urban Ventures initiative.

Mr. Lindquist is a Managing Partner at Greystone Capital Partners. His experience includes public REIT leadership, strategic growth of new businesses and the development of high-performance management teams. Past President of Plum Creek, which merged with Weyerhaeuser in 2016 creating a $24 Billion REIT and the world’s largest private landowner with over 12 million acres. Efforts also included innovative outcomes in Sustainability, Conservation and Renewable Energy.

Mr. Lindquist is a graduate of the University of Washington and Harvard Business School.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Apartment Living is what we are about.

We believe we need to be smart about our resources and conservation. We aspire to make each apartment building a little more green than the last one, better for our tenants and better for the environment.

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

The use of reverse cycle chillers air-to-water heat pumps for heating all of the hot water for our buildings. This system uses a highly efficient heat exchanger to transfer ambient heat in the air of the garage level to the hot water supply system. We anticipate that this device will allow the projects to provide hot water to the tenants using primarily on-site energy generation.

wind power iconGreen e Certified Power

Electrical power utilized in our building projects is purchased through Seattle City Light, a regional utility, that relies on clean energy production. In addition, we are seeking to acquire electricity from alternative energy sources (primarily wind generated) for our real estate projects, from a Seattle City Light program.

ORIG water drop iconReclaimed Storm Water Means Happier Salmon

Systems to reclaim storm water through vegetation planters allow gradual release of storm water from the building site into the city’s combined sewer system. Easing storm water runoff, helps mitigate its effect on city infrastructure and ultimately on Lake Union and Puget Sound. This is vital in Seattle where the city’s surrounding bodies of water are vulnerable when excessive storm water is combined too quickly with sanitary systems.

recycle_sign whiteRecycling Made Easy

Our buildings provide a full complement of recycling bins and recycling services conveniently located in the building. Our signage encourages tenants to appropriately conserve resources and properly dispose of materials and to recycle to reduce waste.

High Walk-Scores Mean Less Driving

When you walk more, you minimize the impact of private transportation on the environment. Stream Real Estate Development and Investment, intentionally develops buildings within close proximity of public services such as bus lines, trolleys, bike routes and corporate transportation.

bike whiteRide a Bike

All Stream Real Estate Development and Investment projects include secure bike storage for their tenants.

white power save iconStandard Practices

  • Low Flow Water Fixtures
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Designs that allow passive cooling of most living spaces
  • No or Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, sealants, adhesives and carpet systems anywhere in the building.
  • Highly reflective roofing minimizes the heat island effect associated with dark roofs. We also reduce heat island effect by enclosing 100% of the parking within the building. The heat island effect is responsible for raising temperatures several degrees higher in urban areas compared to that of non-urban areas.
  • Landscaping is based on plant compatibility with local rainfall patterns thus reducing the need for landscape irrigation.
  • Refrigerants in the mechanical systems that are less damaging to the ozone and contribute less to global warming than typical refrigerants.
  • Recycling of 75% of construction waste generated onsite during development and construction